Everyone deserves a career they love. But many of us never learn the art of finding one. We aim to solve that.

We empower students with entrepreneurial thinking and career prototyping skills to help them feel less anxious more confident about the future. We guide young people to try out real projects in different careers, imagine themselves in different life paths, and act proactively to explore and pursue what they enjoy most.


Lighthouse takes a project-based learning approach to teach you how to imagine yourself in a variety of career paths. You will do real projects from each role, as well as learn how to approach mentors and learn from their stories.


Gain real-life experience through work projects from different jobs and learn what professionals in those roles actually do. We have designed authentic work experiences to give you quick peek into the daily life of various roles, and help you decide which career paths might be worth exploring further.


Hear "How I Got Here" talks from business leaders, technologists, investors, marketing managers, product managers, software engineers, and other operators and visionaries who enjoy meeting young people. Ask your questions in rapid-fire coaching sessions, watch them speak online, or learn to reach out to them on your own.


You may or may not discover your dream career in our courses. But you will finish our programs with entrepreneurial skills that can help you find your own interests, make smart choices about what to study, and prioritize which extracurriculars to try. Learn how to explore different life paths and find some careers that fit your interests.


Thank You to Our Mentors

Past mentors have come from a range of leading technology companies.


You have a lot of decisions in your future, but you don’t have to make them blindly. You can develop skills that will help you design your own future to your liking:


We coach students on how to be proactive about the future: finding mentors to contact, look up their contact info, composing professional emails to get replies, and following up with purposeful thank-you's. Learn what to do if you don't hear back and how to reply when you do.


It's good to have a goal. It's also good to be open-minded and change your goal when you need to. Most people take winding, not linear, career paths. We coach students to be decisive about their future and to act on their choices, but to change their plans freely when it makes sense.


For some, charting the future seems simple. But for others, it requires a lot more thought and some seriously creative thinking. Learn how successful adults in different careers have navigated their life decisions and develop some skills to help you navigate yours.


Learn to Enjoy Your Journey

We can't predict your future. It's impossible to know where you will be in a decade or two. But we can give you some tools to figure out what you would enjoy and help you get ready for the great and wonderful unknown.

Your future is bright, and we would like to join you in your journey. Please join us for one of our programs! We hope to meet you soon.