We Work with High School Students

High school is the perfect age for career exploration. High school students are ready to think about the future, but still have lots of time to try out different career ideas and use their learnings to decide on a course of study.

But even the most privileged students rarely get guidance on picking a career, so lots of students--especially the multi-talented high achievers--tend to feel anxious and confused. Telling them "you'll figure it out" or "follow your passion" doesn't help.

We believe that the most effective way to decrease students' stress and increase their confidence about the future is to educate them about how they can discover what kinds of jobs they would like, and to challenge them to develop a sense of direction while being open to change. We believe in teaching students to be proactive, decisive, and creative when it comes to navigating the future. We arm them with frameworks and tools to help them find a college major and a career they will love.

That's enough about us already. We look forward to getting to know you and hope to meet you at a Lighthouse program soon!