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Students everywhere struggle with the Big Question of what they want to be when they grow up. We support them with two types of online courses. The first--The 10 x 10 Experience--is a curriculum-based program for experiencing 10 different jobs in 10 minutes each. The second--1:1 Coaching in Small Groups--is a mentor-led program to help students drive their plans forward.

You bring an internet connection, an open mind, and a deep curiosity about your future. We bring the fancy mentor, our project-based learning approach, and a lot of big questions for you.

All of our online programs are taught by coaches based in the San Francisco Bay Area (most of them by our founder, Sam).

After you've taken a look around, feel free to contact us with questions. We'd love to hear from you.

The 10 x 10 Experience

Try out 10 jobs in 10 minutes each:
4 students meet with a mentor in 4 online sessions over 4 weeks

If you're not sure what you want to be when you grow up, you're not alone. Meet with other students and a mentor each week for 4 weeks and try out projects from 10 different careers (including some you probably haven't heard of), then score your interest in each role. Finish with experience "working" in 10 different roles, a new community of students like you, and a plan for your future.

The 10 x 10 Experience is based on the principles of life design recently popularized by Stanford University professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. We guide students to try out various careers through "career prototyping" challenges, giving them real(ish) experience working in each of a number of professional roles.

We offer 10 x 10 Experiences for various industries. Try one in each industry that piques your curiosity.

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Try out 10 creative careers in tech like graphic designer, marketing manager, and writer. Taught by Samantha Quist, ex-Googler, Stanford alum, Director of FFL Startup Accelerator in Silicon Valley.




Try out 10 careers for leaders in tech like product manager, engineering manager, and CEO. Taught by Samantha Quist, ex-Googler, Stanford alum, and Director of FFL Startup Accelerator in Silicon Valley.





Try out 10 financial industry careers like venture investor, financial advisor, and stock trader. Teacher TBA.




Try out 10 careers in the medical profession like nurse, lab analyst, physician, and emergency responder. Teacher TBA.


1:1 Coaching in Small Group Communities

Small group coaching sessions are designed to help students who have been through one of our curriculums to keep moving forward in their life planning. Unlike our curriculum-based programs, these communities don't have a theme or come with course materials. Instead, these groups have short check-in meetings a few times each month focused on educating students to be proactive, decisive, and creative in planning for the future, in a warm and safe space with a mentor and just a few other students.

The mentor challenges students to meaningfully "try on" the specific careers and life paths that pique their interests, while the small group community shows them how other students are navigating the same process.

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We focus on developing three big skills in these sessions: being proactive, being decisive, and being creative. For students who feel directionless, we challenge them to find next steps in exploring a future path they will love and we coach them to take proactive steps to find their own passion. For students who know what they want, we challenge them to pursue their interests, be proactive about paving a smooth path to get there, and keep an open mind in case things change along the way. For all students, we have created a safe space for them to share their successes and anxieties in confidential small group coaching sessions, with the goal of building a stronger sense of direction and a greater feeling of camaraderie and confidence as they make their own unique plans for the future.