Modern-day career coaching for high school students


One-on-one coaching

Join career and skills coaching sessions with Samantha. Session themes include career exploration, internship preparation, mentor outreach, writing professionally, and more. 30-minute sessions in small groups (max 3) with time allocated for each student.


Join small group coaching sessions with business leaders, technologists, investors, marketing managers, product managers, software engineers, and other industry operators and visionaries who power the technology industry and enjoy meeting young people. Ask them your questions in rapid-fire coaching sessions.

discover your interests

Most people agree: it's best to find success by doing what you love. Following your passion helps you to enjoy life, navigate the college admissions process, and eventually land in a job that will fulfill your interests. But first, you have to find your passion. All of our programs provide students with tricks and tools so they can learn how to find their career passion, and how to get there.


career projects

Learn to use hands-on projects to experience different careers and "prototype" your life in different roles. Try a 10-Minute Tech Career as a Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Interface Designer, Researcher, CEO, and more.

"how i got here" talks

Hear 10-minute stories from technology professionals with a rich variety of career backgrounds. See how they discovered their careers, what they love and hate about their work, what keeps them up at night, and what gets them excited.


Join 10-minute practice interview sessions for internships and jobs in the technology industry. Learn about common interview questions, what makes a great answer, how the interview process works, and what not to say in an interview.

How to WRITE emails

In 10-minute courses, learn how to find prospective mentors to contact, look up their contact info, compose professional emails to get replies, and write modern thank-you notes. Learn what to do if you don't hear back and how to reply when you do.


Join 10-minute sessions to learn how to write a strong resume, what to say in a cover letter, how to write a great LinkedIn profile, how to find relevant contacts on LinkedIn, and what not to say in your professional online profile.


Learn how to prepare for different careers in technology: discover your own interests so you can plan which courses to take in school, which internships to consider, how to keep your future options open, and how to discover what you enjoy.



We work with mentors and guest speakers from Bay Area tech companies:




Most adults change their career aspirations at some point. The most senior leaders typically have multiple careers behind them. When you identify which careers you might like (and definitely wouldn't like), you can customize your education and look for internships that fit the future you would like to achieve.

But discovering what career is best for you is tough, and it takes some practice. We hope that every Lighthouse student will experience increased confidence when thinking about the future, develop a repertoire of skills to help them identify which careers might fit their interests, and learn some specific skills to increase their chances of success.

Let's get started.