What is it like to work in tech?

Find out by spending a week with a variety of tech professionals in Silicon Valley. Work on real-world projects and join ask-me-anything sessions with leaders from a variety of roles at technology companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, and Apple.

You will execute a variety of real-world projects, you will learn about strategic and supporting tech company roles, you will imagine yourself in jobs at small and large tech companies, and you will be challenged to discover the best tech careers for you.




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Adults love to ask young people what they want to be when they grow up. But before we have work experience, how can we know what any job would be like? When young people do start to work, we ask them to commit to several months or years in a specific role before considering making a change. We can do better.

We believe in helping young people to discover roles that best match their unique skills and interests. We believe that nothing compares to real-world experience. And, we believe in relentless honesty.

Our mission is to enable young people to truly envision themselves working in a variety of professional roles and prepare them to make a career choice.



Samantha Quist is an early Google employee, a technology marketing lead, a self-taught developer, a startup advisor, an entrepreneur, and a technology company generalist. She loves to help people get jobs they want--but the first step is knowing what they want. That's why she launched TryIt Programs.

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